Monday, June 7, 2010

Episode 1

The Mutual Broadcasting System brings you the first episode of Life in Hyperion.

Today's episode: "The Beginnings of a Legacy", Part 1

This is the first episode of a new series here on Mutual that we hope will be a long-lived member of the Mutual family. We now begin the first episode...


In the city of Hyperion, Michigan, located within the borders of Van Buren County in the southwestern corner of the state, lays a building that houses the offices and studio of WHYP, broadcasting on FM 96.9 over a four-county radius for a distance of 150 miles all around. This station broadcasts over a variety format, allowing for many personalities and many forms of music.
On this bright and wonderful Friday morning as the sun makes its way up over the horizon, inside the WHYP building, inside the control room, an audio engineer oversee a live broadcast as a young man, dressed in a slightly faded green shirt and blue jeans, looks on.
The young man's face, topped with a covering of brown hair, features greenish-blue eyes and a couple of freckles here and there. All this contribute an air of lackluster over his job that is average of someone his age and job status, as WHYP's lone intern, watching over those who broadcast on the air.
"Just another Friday." says the man, whose name is Phil Turner, age 21.
"You got that right." says the audio engineer.
Inside the studio itself, a medium-sized room, the walls covered in the foam that keeps echoes from bouncing off, are two people. One, name of Barry Wilkins, dressed in black pants, black shirt, and black leather jacket, is speaking into his microphone. The black theme continues to his head, covered in black hair and a general dark demeaner.
The other is Terry Gold, a young buck of about 26, listening to Barry make his remarks and making a few inbetween. He is dressed in the same kind of clothing as Phil, but with a blue shirt and minus the freckles. His hair is the same color as Phil but his demeaner is different from Phil. As Phil continues to look on, another person enters the control room.
"Good morning, Phil." says the person.
"Good morning yourself, Conrad." says Phil.
The person is Conrad Harris, one of WHYP's other personalities. His dress is very notable, with a sweater vest, covered in a Cliff Huxtable-type pattern on it. The vest is paired with a white button shirt and black tie. The pants are tan dress pants, making an old-fashioned kind of outfit.
The hair is blonde, cut into a near-mod style and stranded into small lines. The demeaner is generally that of someone twice his age: 26. Everything else about him is very youthful, including his ability to work.
"I hope you're doing well this morning." says Phil.
"I hope to be." says Conrad.
"Even with your friend being what he is." says Phil.
"It comes with the friendship, Phil." says Conrad.
Just then, yet another person enters the control room.
"Good morning, everyone." says the man.
His dress speaks volumes about him. His outfit is straight out of the 1970s, his favorite decade. An old army jacket, with the three stripes of a sergeant on the sleeves, surrounds a seventies-type button shirt with the open collar and the first two buttons undone. Blue jeans with the bell bottom flairs cover his bottom half.
A worn-out cowboy hat covers his reddish hair and his eyes are blue, all the same as his mother, whom he cherishes very much. All in all, his whole personality is the opposite of Conrad in many ways. That is the person that is named Cyrus McLean Scott.
"Good morning, Cy." says Conrad, using Cyrus' preferred means of referring to himself.
"Good morning, Conrad, my friend." says Cy in a New Yorker's accent, sounding a little like Bugs Bunny.
"What's with you this morning, Cy?" asks Phil.
"The usual feelings that strike me on Fridays. I'm just overly happy today." says Cy.
"That's different than five minutes ago, giving yourself a pep talk." says Conrad.
"I knew it wouldn't work." says Cy.
"Then why did you do it?" asks Phil.
"On the off chance it might succeed." says Cy.
"I guess it didn't succeed, Cy." says Phil.
"That's been happening a lot lately. I don't know what's happening." says Cy.
"Maybe you need a boost." says Phil.
"I don't think that's it." says Cy.
"Maybe you need to change a few habits." says Conrad.
"Nice try, Conrad." says Cy.
"It was worth a shot." says Conrad.
"I hope this won't ruin the show today." says Phil.
"I've been like this for the last several days and I've hit the show out of the park every day." says Cy.
"I guess I have nothing to worry about." says Phil.
"As long as you stand in this room, you're alright." says Cy.
"I know that." says Phil.
"I feel as though you belong to us, not to everyone else." says Cy.
"I have that feeling, too. I always feel I learn more from you." says Phil.
"And not from those two in there?" asks Cy.
"Why can't you be friends with Barry and Terry?" asks Phil.
"Can you be friends with a hornet without getting stung?" says Cy.
"Still, you could make an effort." says Conrad.
"I've decided not to." says Cy.
"When?" asks Conrad.
"Just now." says Cy.
"It's almost 9:00 am, you guys." says Phil.
"Time to go on the air." says Cy.


Tomorrow, Cy and Conrad go on the air, bump into their rivals, and Cy states a problem in his life, or so he says.

Join us, won't you?
Yours truly, John Maxwell.

Produced at WGN Chicago. All rights reserved
This is the Mutual Broadcasting System.

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